Kamphuis Blueberries - Holland, Michigan

In 1941, Scott Kamphuis's Great-Grandfather, Gerald, planted his first blueberry bush just north of Holland, MI. Nestled along the shoreline of Lake Michigan, the richness of the soil provides a foundation for the plumpest, juiciest, and most delicious berries to be grown. Being on the east side of the Lake keeps temperatures warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, which produces the perfect balance of sweetness. Many of the berries harvested today come from the same field that was put in the ground more than 70 years ago. Scott and Bonnie Kamphuis, make the 4th generation dedicated to a vision of producing not the biggest quantity of blueberries that their farm can give, but the best quality of berries. "It takes 44 weeks a year to produce 8 weeks of harvest. The harvest is the blessing," Scott says. The farm's northern latitude (near the 45th parallel) gives the family almost 18 hours of daylight to work during the summer months. During those long days, Scott remembers words from his father "A farm never sleeps...it takes a real commitment to be a grower.” These are the kinds of values that have been passed down to each generation and what are currently being passed along to the owners' children, Amy and Eric. Amy works the processing plant while Eric tends the fields. "We only get to do this maybe 40-50 times in our lifetime, lord willing," Scott says of the harvest, "so we want to be the best we can be!"

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