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The level of pride, freshness and commitment to quality that goes into every Brownwood Farms™ brand product is just like that found at roadside stands throughout the Great Lakes region. You will see in the ingredients that Brownwood Farms™ brand products are ones you will be happy serving to your family and friends.

BBQ Sauces

Perfect for dippin’, drenchin’, and brushin’ on grilled meats of all kinds.

Famous Kream Mustard™

Sweet, hot, creamy and delicious, Famous Kream Mustard™ has been adding zing to recipes for generations.

Fruit Salsas

These fruity, no tomato filler, sweet salsas give you the farm-fresh flavor you crave. Your salsa standards will be upgraded forever!

Premium Pie Filling & Toppings

Unmistakable, mouth-watering goodness!

Fruit Butters, Jellies, Preserves, and Spreads

Jaw-dropping, mouth-watering goodness!